the first booboo

Shane has the baby playing by our mirrored door, and he decides the edges are very sharp and he should play at another mirror. I come downstairs and see the adorableness of baby and Daddy frolicking with Reflected Baby and Reflected Daddy. Then I see a bright red mess on the mirror, and think, “Have I ever worked on any paintings down here? How is there red paint on this mirror? Oh, is that blood?” I say, “What’s that red stuff? Is she bleeding?” We examine the Boue and yes, it is her blood. It’s a little bitty cut on her finger. She is blissfully oblivious, twisting to see Reflected Molly some more. We whisk her away to the kitchen and Shane holds out the tiny hand while I wash it with warm water, then I am sent to get the gigantic first aid kit. It is huge and waterproof, for my husband is the God of Whitewater Safety. Although would a good Rafting God let his gauze pads get all dry-rotted? No, He would not. So then we find Band-Aids and cut one into wee pieces and after a while the bleeding stops and all is well again.

The funny thing is, I so did not freak out, even a little. Shane’s tone during the washing and bandage hunting was this uber-calm “Don’t freak out, Mama” voice, but it was not necessary. I totally rock with the not swooning at the site of my baby’s blood. Probably it’s because she was in no actual pain, because remember the first tumble how I boohoo’ed? Hah! I was still a newbie then, not an experienced and worldly mom-for-six-and-a-half-months like I am now:)

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