the screams / the clutching of breast / so sorry about the mess

We’re back. The trip was, as predicted, bliss. We had a perfect re-charge. If I weren’t having hormonal hell right now, I’d still be glowing. Instead I keep waiting to see if I’ll actually have a period or if I just get the bloating and moodswings and weirdness without any actual mess. It’s mindboggling that Molly still nurses enough to usually supress my periods. (I’m starting to worry about her food apathy. I don’t know… the webbie breastfeeding gurus say milk is all she needs for a year, that food is very much an experimental thing, and until 18 months-ish it’s appropriate to get most of the nutrition from nursing. In real life, though, no one I know has a baby who still eats so little solid food. I might see if our nurse can see us before her year check up just to ease my mind.)

I don’t have time to blog about the trip, but later on there will be a plethora of lovely photos by Bu, weird and slightly out-of-focus wannabe artsy photos by me, and exerpts from ye olde travelle journyl, the kind on paper- which I kept calling a blog:) Probably you’ll have to wait a day or two, as I have massive house recovery in store for me tonight. Bu’s cousin, who had such a lovely wedding, is coming to order prints and her album. She is exquistitely neat and tasteful and the thought of her seeing the scum in my bathroom or the laundry piles makes me feel almost as queasy as the endless serpentine roads we just travelled.

For now, as this is such a mundane post, I’ll present you with this: Have you heard Low? Omigoddess- I’m in love. Bu discovered them by clicking on an ad in Urge and I’m floored. So very much digging them.

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