happy birthday buddha

My Bu’s 34 today. He seems to be unthrilled about this, but the bottle of Captain Morgain’s I bought him softened the blow a little.

He spent the day with the Birdy, who was, again, refusing to eat or sleep for anyone who isn’t currently lactating. (However, after her mommy’s-off-work-nummins she was very cute with a chunky string of beads, playing a one year old version of dress-up. She’d throw the beads around her neck and then grin a huge cheesy grin and hold her arms up as if to ask “Well? Am I gorgeous or what?” Very adorable. Must grab camera next time there is bead play.) She did eat a lot of pizza at dinner.

I also gave my Bu a copper Buddha head statue similar to this one. Bartered with the Souster for this and an umbrella style stroller. Yay for Souster:)

And now I crash. After I nip a wee bit of the Bu’s rum.


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