sketchbook page #1

Did a sketch of nursing to break in a new sketchbook. (This is a tiny revolution if you’re following the slackerness of me!) The proportions aren’t perfect, but without models whatcha gonna do? At least the page is no longer a scary frigid virgin page.


5 responses to “sketchbook page #1

  1. Like the elven look of the woman. Nice glimpse into your world, Roxy. 🙂

  2. Thanks. Now that you say that, yeh, it’s an elf Roxy:) I need some photos to work from so badly. Bu needs to pencil us in.

  3. she’s beautiful! i think the only thing that irritates me is that her toes seem to be in the wrong order.
    have you ever drawn yourself in front of a mirror? i tried once and gave up because i constantly confused what i saw with what i thought where things should be. if i draw with a model or from a photo i don’t have that problem. strange, how the brain works.
    i’m looking forward to seeing more drawings. and i still think i should start something like this and kick myself into doing some new stuff.

  4. LOL! Thanks, Bine. I drew this without any reference whatsoever. The toes are probably totally off…hehe.

    I didn’t know you were an artist! Post some sketches!

  5. aaagh – that’s the big problem. my last sketches are more than ten year old and hidden deep within a pile of boxes in our future studio. they’re not very good, though. but i was thinking about scanning some of them (whenever i find them) and making a little blog portfolio so i’d have a reason to keep it going with some new stuff. i love doing woodcuts and lino prints and i have a few i feel are good enough to post someday. i already have a name and layout for the blog, now i just have to find the stuff and get scanning … i’ll let you know when there’s something to see!

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