randomly yours

How to be an old lady and piss off Roxy: Glare at Emsy and me at a wedding reception when she squeals loudly and is generally just being one. If there were an emoticon for bird-flippage, I’d put that here.

How to be a very graceful old lady and impress Roxy with your tact: Ask if Emsy’s still nursing well. I’ll say yes but with a big rolling eyes gesture and admit, “She is biting a lot, though…” You (the oldish lady) suggest that she’s about ready to wean. Then when I say “Eh, I’m going to let her decide that,” you chuckle, “No, they’ll nurse forever. Those La Leche League people nurse for two or three years.” Then when I grin sheepishly and say “I know,”and tell you I’m joining LLL, you recover beautifully and say, “Well it’s just great that you’ve made it so long. Most women don’t make it past 3 or 4 months,” and then continue to have a breastfeeding’s awesome conversation with me. Also, you tell me how gorgeous and smart Emsy is.

How to be a bride and annoy Roxy, but not intentionally: Cover the chairs at your reception in very fancy, pristine white cloth if your wedding falls during my
heaviest period ever.

I was scared to move. But my layers held. And, if you’re keeping track, said layers were commercial products. The washcloth experiment was a little shifty but with no leaks… just not secure enough to leave the house without good old adhesive.

Other bloggy tidbits: Finally thrilled with layout, having reinstated the 3 columns from ye olde blogge. Want new header though. Don’t love this one all the way, yet.

Rented Ghostrider. It was OK but I’m glad I didn’t dash out to buy it for Father’s Day with the gift card I’m saving for Emsy’s bookcase like I nearly did. The lead actress is a Roxy. Bren said he thinks Roxanne’s a pretty name. I told him how it was going to be my name (like, actually, on a birth certificate)and got tickled and decided I’m starting to own it.

Maybe I need Gerbera daisies in my header for summer. They’re lovely.


One response to “randomly yours

  1. Here’s a thought…tell your dad that emsy NEEDS a hand made bookcase from her grandpa!!! lay out the big fat guilt trip on him!!! your dad does such a nice job with woodwork and he surely needs to give baby em more love and attention…sorry anyway, here’s hoping you’re able to read this cause it’s late


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