still overcompensating…

For that GawdAwful skirted swimsuit (see below), so I got a little boost from my blog’s ‘R’ rating:For whatever reason, “crack” cracks me up. Was I blogging about crackpipes? Don’t remember doing so, but who knows . It must only rate the posts on the front page, because the old blog was rated ‘G.’

And here is the momsuit, which, OK doesn’t look so bad, unless you compared it with the bikinis that were everywhere. Not even one companion chunky mama in sight.

And now I’m returning to productive paid work.

4 responses to “still overcompensating…

  1. man… I’m NC-17…my kids are damned!

    I got a tankini thing, which still looks like shit, but I prefer the shorts as a bottom. I’ve always looked like crap in a swimsuit. Stupid things…

  2. Sugared Harpy

    You are gorgeous!

    I have a one-piece that I look chunky in, I figure my hips exist, my belly exist…LOOK AT THEM!

  3. I still wear the same swimsuit from before the days of M’ello. IT sucks in the gut and I don’t care about the rest…and it’s purple! I actually wore it while I was preggo and did some swimming in it.

    You look great! Did your boobs feel weird in thier state of nursey bouyancy? (sp?) i’m sure you had a better time than the rest of the family…


  4. O Harpy of Sugariness, thanks:) I actually was feeling kinda cute in my bug eye shades, and I definitely earned the belly gloriously, so OK no more complainy.

    ‘Veeta, No, I didn’t notice any extra buoyancy. I did find that nursing was very easy in the suit with my teeshirt over it and was happily surprised that Emsy didn’t demand nummies all day with the big cleavage show.

    I feel awful & need to call Malinda. Was working on that bloody catalog (actually taking a break from more work right now…) and couldn’t get away. Hope you had a good time.

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