creepiest wiccans on earth

Back in my actual practicing days, when I took classes in magic (and later helped teach one,) I my favorite local bookstore/cafe/art gallery was featuring a book signing of The Witches’ Magical Handbook by Gavin & Yvonne Frost. I mentioned that my friend Rhainna and I were planning to go, and the teachers gasped and regaled us with horror stories of how disgusting these guys are. They’re from WV and have, or had, a Wiccan school. Rhainna and I had already developed a craving for lattes and hanging out, so we went anyway, and met the Frosts, and bought the book.

The Frosts are creeeeeeeeepy. They both had the most unsettling and off-putting wrongness about them. I’m not a psychic or anything, but I have a tendency to “read” people who are pedophiles. It might just be something anyone would pick up; not claiming supernatural stuff here. Anyway, my mom said she had this ability too and I suppose mine’s connected to hers maybe. Whatever it is, I’ve been proven right before and that always makes me want to vomit.

The Frosts have that aura.

They also, I found upon reading the book, think that a girl should be physically, actually deflowered by her father (or a high priest acting in his stead) ritualistically with some kind of specially made rods or something. I’m not kidding- this is in the book, at least it was in that printing.

I’d completely forgotten about the Frosts until I was reading The Wild Hunt and saw that AJ Drew’s holding a symbolic burning effigy of the Frosts. Rock on, AJ.

It’s just lovely to know that pedophiliac tendencies happen in all religions.


4 responses to “creepiest wiccans on earth

  1. I’ve got the creep radar as well, and it goes off at the weirdest times…I always thought it was because I was abused, but maybe not…

  2. My mom thought that her creepy fuck radar was connected to her abuse, and that’s where I started to go in that part of the post but I didn’t want to get into a big thing about her rape and molestation. We both kind of thought that my “radar” was almost like a psychic inheritance or something.

    I didn’t realize you had been abused, Thor. My mom had fairly severe depression and I know that it seemed related to her abuse. (My family seriously undermined her whole being by not addressing the abuse or prosecuting her uncle.) Do you think that your bipolar has any roots in that experience or do you think it’s purely chemical? Of course, depression and bipolar disorder aren’t synonymous- I don’t know much about bipolar beyond what you and another friend have related to me. (I used to be jealous of manic depressives because of the mania- shows how little I grokked the disorder, huh?)

    I want to say something loving but everything I come up with seems lame. “I’m sorry” seems pitiful and stupid. I can only understand by proxy, so that’s inadequate too. So all I got’s love to vibe at you.

  3. I’m well past it, so I wouldn’t worry about saying anything “useful”. It’s in the past, far far past.

    I’ve wondered about whether or not it may have contributed, but it’s hard to tell. I do have a genetic predisposition to it since members of my bio family have it. I tend to fall more towards that reason, with the added thought that events in my life have contributed to it. I think it was there anyway.

    I always feel like I’m making shit up since I’ve got so many ‘weird/bad’things going on.

    And I always wanted to be that kind of crazy that was cool too. Too bad my brand of crazy is FAR from it.

  4. The quotes from Gavin and Yvonne’s book are available at

    I plan on sacrificing them in effigy as part of The Real Witches Ball because doing so will bring attention to the fact that they have been promoted for decades by some of the very leaders of the pagan community. They speak at Pagan Pride gatherings, Starwood, Sirius Rising and other events. They are promoted by Patricia Telesco, Isaac Bonewitz, and others. As a new father, I am shocked to find out just how many modern day pagan authors are supporting these sick and twisted freaks. Rape my daughter at the age of 10 so she can be a member of my religion? I don’t think so!

    The discussion and debate is ongoing at Thus far, Lisa McShirley and Ann Moura (both authors I have formerly respected) have pulled out of they’re contractual agreements to speak at this year’s event. So much for pagans keeping their word. Nobody asked them to participate in the actual rite. There are several events at the International Real Witches Ball. The thing lasts three days long. But because they don’t approve of my one-hour long ritual (optional like all the other dozens upon dozens of events) they are taking the moral high ground and breaking their word. I am shocked that pagan authors and leaders would attack me in this way for my expression of my religious and moral ethics. Especially when they have absolutely no idea what the rite will entail.

    It all makes me want to push forward even more. Show the world that the modern pagan community is about protecting children, not raping them. Show the world that we are about standing up to those who would say otherwise and casting them out. Enough acceptance. Its time for some Boot to the Head !

    Blessed be and live free,

    A.J. Drew

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