happy birthday to a darling cousin

I love you, little one! Emsy and I can’t wait to come visit you. Happy Birthing Day, ‘Veeta! I love you so much, and you are such a great mama:)

2 responses to “happy birthday to a darling cousin

  1. Mommy and baby M both thank you sooooo much. We just had cake (princess cake that daddy picked) and ice cream with, Aunt H, Grandma L, and daddy. She didn’t seem interested at all…

    Her eighth tooth popped through yesterday. Oddly enough, she’s not biting the nips like SOMEONE we know.


  2. Dearest M’Ello, can you please explain to Emsy how not to bite th eboobs that feed you? M’Kay thanks:)

    Happy Birthday! How are you? The first birthday was bittersweet for me. They grow up too fast.

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