a postcard from zombie swampland

Well, it’s not a swampland but there is actual rain and it feels like a steamy tropical paradise in comparison with the insane drought we’re in.

I spent, since dawn, 6 1/2 hours in bed today. This explains zombie brain. Emsy slept in with me then we had two two hour naps (!) which is just nuts. At least 45 minutes of each nap was nursey time, but still. I’ve been doing some serious sleeping on my days off, after the less than stellar sleep-nurse-sleep-nurse-sleep-nurse patterns of my nights. Napping + rainy sounds (after ages of no rain) + a snuggly nursing baby (after a day of fussy weird refusal to nurse) = amazing.

The only marginally productive, and this is debatable, thing I did all day was venture out to the mall with Bu & Boue. We got new cellphones. They are Razr’s which makes me feel uncomfortably trendy, like when we got the Outback and I had to get used to beeping the alarm system and feeling yuppish.
Mine’s a shade of pink that pretty much doesn’t make me wanna puke. The black one looked too Matrix wannabe or something (but Bu got it) and the blue one was boring. I spent too much time and money downloading this Buffy ringtone, and figuring out how to install it.

We ate lunch at the mall at a sit-down place outside. Ems was unthrilled and did not like spinach dip or Daddy’s chicken but did enjoy [drinking out of the kid’s cup] dumping ice water all over herself and me.

And to round out the random flava of this post:

1. Apotheosis’ O Fortuna, a dance mix of Carmina Burana, is fucking wicked.

2. Hot dirty mean-sex dreams about my husband’s cute friend are fucking wicked.

3. Toddlerhood sucks; She made my nose bleed sticking her evil little talons up there.

4. My cute pixie cut is a hot mess of grown out shaggy chaos.

3 responses to “a postcard from zombie swampland

  1. Get the insurance. The razr’s are notorious for crapping out.

  2. Sugared Harpy

    Nothing beats hot dirty mean-sex. Oh yeah.

  3. so many things I could say… but manily, I just want some extended sleep!

    oh, and if you’re wondering, I still have no period. Not complaining mind you, but the sex dreams thing reminded that I still have no libido and no cycle.

    I had water dumped on my two days ago!


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