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cure for everything? P Funk

When you listen to P Funk (I wants to Get Funked Up) first thing in the morning, it’s physiologically impossible to have a bad day. Try it- you just can’t be in a bad mood with that music on. Mother Love Bone’s always been like that for me, too. They’re my go to guys for antidepressant grunge rock. Ironic, considering the fate of L’Andrew, but it works for me.

Art from

new old posts

I know a few of you aren’t using a reader or feedburner, so I remembered to let you know I posted two new recycled posts about conception & pregnancy. (i’ve been backdating those entries)
It’s so amazing to read them now. Notes from another life.

Also, for the First Time Ever, I let you peek at words from my personal journal. It made me blush a little, but I’m guessing you already figured out how Bu got me knocked up, so I’ll chill.


Let him know that biting hurts. Pre-verbal toddlers are used to doing so much with their mouths that they don’t realize that those sharp, little teeth hurt. If you’ve tried all the above tricks to stop the biting, yet it is still occurring, gently and not in any anger place his forearm against his upper teeth, not enough to hurt but enough to show the teeth marks. Say, “See, biting hurts.” By at least eighteen months your toddler should be able to make this connection and learn from this lesson. Above all — contrary to some advice — don’t bite or hit back. This will simply reinforce aggressive behavior, since the child concludes, “If adults do it, it must be okay.”

I never thought of that. I think it makes the connection without the cruelty of biting her back. Good plan.

OK Papaw, I have to kick your ass now. You say you didn’t know whether we wanted the baby back right after you took her to church (Riiight. Have ya met me?) so you went on home and put her down for a nap with you. Fabulous. Except that was my nap with Emsy and now I have to wait Goddess knows how long to see my baby!

pretty new graphics + beware of toddler

Brain ‘sploded from work, so I drank some wine & revamped my header. Who knew there was a cuterrific little swirly brush in Photoshop? I didn’t until today. I’m still such a noob.

Going to visit Sophie and pass out. (The grandies took the babe for the night so I could get this @#$% catalog ready.) Heh, we saw an actual girl named Sophie today. I have photographic evidence which could be subpoenaed to court if her parents sue Emsy, who has decided to be a big old meany mean biter.

How the hell do you teach a toddler not to bite without smacking or *faint* biting her back, which are the standard strategies in my family/friends? So far I can tell when she’s going to do it and can stop it if I’m hovering, but I really need to nip this in the bud. I have these needs to be a gentle and non-spanking parent but no clue how to do it. My impulse is to swat her hands, which I know isn’t OMG the end of the world, but I don’t want to set the stage for physical punishment. Firm loud “No”? Funniest thing ever. And that really makes me want to swat her. Eep.

still overcompensating…

For that GawdAwful skirted swimsuit (see below), so I got a little boost from my blog’s ‘R’ rating:For whatever reason, “crack” cracks me up. Was I blogging about crackpipes? Don’t remember doing so, but who knows . It must only rate the posts on the front page, because the old blog was rated ‘G.’

And here is the momsuit, which, OK doesn’t look so bad, unless you compared it with the bikinis that were everywhere. Not even one companion chunky mama in sight.

And now I’m returning to productive paid work.

keep your jesus off my whatever

So freaking awesome it’s worth several tries at posting embedded YouTube video.

my results are hot

Your Score: Androgynous
You scored 60 masculinity and 80 femininity!

You scored high on both masculinity and femininity. You have a strong personality exhibiting characteristics of both traditional sex roles.

Link: The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test written by weirdscience on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Androgyny is yum. Thanks for meme linkage, Eden. I wasn’t actually planning on posting my quiz but then I got TrinityNeoGoodness so I had to [brag]share my results.

——– In other randomness: ——————–

1) I drank a teensy bit too much wine. Buzzy fun.

2) Tentatively agreed to exhibit art in October that hasn’t even been conceived of or planned yet. Eep? Better clean out the studio [two damn years ago] really soon.

3) Buddha and I have decided that if your chunky mommy skirted swimsuit shows off any tattoos, you still retain a small percentage of your street cred. (Tomorrow we mingle with possible soccer mom types at a private pool photographing a birthday party and I’ve come to terms with exhibiting the hairy legs and post-partum body in public in bathing attire because I don’t want to deprive Ems of watery fun because I’m self-conscious. That would be evil.)

4) Birdie’s biting again. Fingers, toes, arms, knees, and, of course, the nips. !Fuck! why do they grow teeth? Why?