WordPress users, do y’all know of any tutorials online that explain how to set up a WP powered blog on your own domain? I have some blog ideas that’d definitely need their own URL, and WP apparently is the way to go for that. I don’t know how to integrate my own page with their blogging tools, though.

Anyone ever use BlueHost.com? They look so good & cheap. Too good to be true or not?

Random thing: WTF, boobs? I’ve barely used Sophie at work lately and have only gotten around 3 oz when I do remember to pump. Today? Bustin’ outta the bra, pumped 5 oz. Is this nighttime munch-a-thon finally kicking up production? Weird.


4 responses to “quickie

  1. i think you have to look into http://wordpress.org/ instead of .com. they have pretty good documentary and tutorials for about everything. i’m a complete idiot about stuff like this soi‘m not sure if you’ll find what you’re looking for there, but i think it sounds like it.

    about that random thing – did you have a beer while watching transformers? that was always the boob-burster for my best friend.

  2. Oh dear god. This is what I did that took forever. But I had help. If you drop me an e-mail, I can forward it to my friend Fredlet, who helped me. She can give you some advice. I think she recently found some kind of installer.

  3. Surprisingly, it’s not that hard. The instructions are clear and take you through the set up step by step. It really only takes a few minutes to install WP. Customizing a site – that’s the fiddly bit.

  4. Sugared Harpy

    I use BlueHost and WordPress.

    Bluehost kind of does it FOR YOU. I remember it being easier than I thought. You want to follow BlueHost’s directions for putting your domain on their hosting and then use Fantastico to set up WordPress.

    Oh, and I’ve had no problems ever with BlueHost! And they’ve upgraded everyone for free as they’ve grown. Email if you have questions!

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