sunday morning fluff

Emsy has returned, the past two nights, to her previous pattern of 1-2 overnight nursings and 1-2 early morning sessions. Fabulous. Except today I noticed my boobs are cantaloupes again in the mornings.

Then I spent several good minutes wondering why in the hell the word cantaloupe made me think of Maggie Gyllenhaal. I’m not a “boob woman” anymore now that the function of my own knockers has thoroughly and abruptly desexualized the whole concept of breasts universally, so it wasn’t a ‘boobs –>big cantaloupe boobs –> yum, Maggie boobs’ train of thought. Plus hers are adorably perky- even now while she’s (awesomely and publicly) nursing her boo. I finally figured out that her babysitter character in Moster House called the kid “cantaloupe.” OK, not crazy. There is a Maggie/cantaloupe connection. The character was cute- her hair is messy groovy punk yum. Maybe I should take this to my hairdresser and see if she can translaste Pixar hair to real hair? (Probably not; see below.)

I’ve found a way to live with my too-messy overgrown pixie. It involved gel, a blowdrier, hairspray, and a curling brush. Good gods almighty. It’s cute and flippy and perky and I’m not sure but maybe a little soccermommish. I’m not happy with the 10 minutes + chemicals to achieve acceptably attractive hair, but I’m strangely vain about my hair- and I only own a few presentable ‘do rags. I seem to have decided by default to grow it out , because the funds aren’t there to keep a short ‘do trimmed and cute. So I’m on the long annoying shaggy road to PonyTailLand. I was gonna post a photo but the cameras are still packed from our a.m. shoot. It’ like this girl’s… which is interesting, because I took this photo to my stylist a while back, and she said my hair wouldn’t do this since I’m white. Riiiiiiigghht. Her hair is sooo different from mine. Only it’s exactly the same.

One response to “sunday morning fluff

  1. i think that’s nonsense. she doesn’t have “black” hair. i think you should be able to do that with any kind of hair except maybe the type that goes right back to sleep after you’ve gotten up. i think this would look great on you.

    i only tried a very short pixie cut once (the rest of my life i more or less kept it between chin- and shoulder length) and found out it was too expensive to maintain. i only discovered afterwards what it means to grow out a pixie when you have curly hair. i looked like a poodle for a few months.

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