font love & clean threads

My new favorite font in the whole wide world is Century Gothic. I have changed my blog’s font to reflect my new obsession. If you don’t have this font installed [you are missing out on the cleanest yum yummiest most adorable font ever] it should default to whatever sans serif font you have set.

I’m trying to find a place to download this or a lookalike for free. In the meantime, if my DaisyBones suddenly looks unpretty on your screen, couldja comment so I can tweak?

K Thx,

P.S. Working (impressively diligently) on new project. Will linkie soon; just have to manage some new posts. V. v. excited and alternately worried that my fabulous idea is lame as lame can be. Typical for any creative endeavor of me. There has been unprecedented productivity chez Daisy, especially on the laundry excavation front; hence the slow weekend in my microblogocosm.


3 responses to “font love & clean threads

  1. mmm… laundry 😀

    BTW, I finally got the rest of my medium bumkins from my friend K. Is emsy still gonna fit them? Cuz I will send them on ASAP if so!

  2. I like the new font a lot.

  3. I totally have a font fetish. Century Gothic is a few years ago for me-a little while back, I wasn’t fixed on Lucida Sans, then Gill MT, now it’s Segoe UI.

    Sad really

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