Do you blog in your head all day long, too? Or is it just me? Maybe I need a media vacation. Anyway, what I did was I downloaded a free timer- 4:43 left, and am allowing 15 minutes for blogrollage and posting. Then I’ll work on web stuff and home stuff in timed bursts, see if I get some stuff done. It’s an experiment.

Oh, the other experiment? The cloth pads? I bought some safety pins because the chick who promised me the washcloth would stay put magically lied to me:) Now I have a very comfy crotch, even if my lower abdomen is screaming.

Right now it’s cram time so I can pick up my Emsybabyboo who I miss so much I could cry but I HAVE to come up with logo ideas and she hates when Mama and Daddy sit at our desks. Bu is away cutting grass so it’d be just me to contend with the toddlerness.

And… time:)


4 responses to “addiction?

  1. have you tried the Female Toner tea by Traditional Medicinals? it’s yummy and works for my cramps. 🙂 i’m gonna put the link on my page.

  2. I blog in my head all day! I’m pleased I’m not the only person who does this!

    And then when I sit down to write, I can’t remember all those great lines I came up with when I was nowhere near the computer.

  3. Bliss, Thanks… I have some in my messy tea and beans cupboard;) Just forgot it was there.

  4. Frisky, Sooo glad to know I’m not the only barely sane one hanging on by a thread…lol

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