first EVER daisy contest * will doodle for giggles

I realized, when we were having our Pissy Potter Party Pooper night, that I do not laugh out loud enough. Seriously, it’s such awesome medicine, and I was hearing myself crack up, because the Souster is HIGHlarious, and I was thinking, “I never do this anymore.”

So tell me a joke or link me to something lol funny. Not so much with the wry dry witty funny- which I do love, but make me snort and guffaw and be dorky. Funniest link/joke/story will win a pretty doodle doodled just for you, on paper, in your actual physical mailbox! Not as cool as some contests, but doodle for giggles is a fair exchange, I think:) [Comment by when I wake up in the morning tomorrow- ’round 7 or 8 a.m. EST.] No, wait. Comment by midnight EST Tuesday the 24th:)

Also, It’s good for Emsy: laughter boosts the biochemical goodies in mama’s milk. Who knew? (And lemme just say this link is to such a pretty little site. I never found them before. Will have to go look around.)

FYI, My crazy image contains stripes from The Stripe Generator, which might be of use to you knitty crafty chicas. If you’re a digi designy chica, you have to CTRL + Print Screen to save your stripeys. Scary-funny mannequin face from Stock X-change, the best free stock photo site EVAR.


3 responses to “first EVER daisy contest * will doodle for giggles

  1. Um, it’s not night anymore, but I have a GREAT joke:

    A minister, a priest and a rabbi are chatting about life. The priest says “I believe life begins at conception, how about ya’ll?” (I guess he’s a Southern priest!)

    The minister thinks a moment and says, “Well, I believe life really begins with the first breath a child takes.”

    The rabbi shakes his head, looks at the other two and says “My friends, life begins when your last child goes off to college and the dog dies.”

  2. 🙂 Cute!

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