little testy today

Tentative, apprehensive, and cautious: Have abandoned Blogger and left behind 100% customization (for free) in exchange for a pretty well designed template and better widgets and generally better everything else. Lookit! A “more” cut like my beloved LJ cut: Oh Bliss!

When money flows a bit looser, I’ll suck it up and learn to use real WordPress on a real domain. Like a big girl. And soon I’ll decide if I’m going to come out of the bloggermama closet and resume using our real names and link to my real business and just synthesize the whole blob of disconnected internet ideas. Until then, enjoy the colorful chaos.

I’m feeling kinda manic hyper creative antsy pantsy colorful crazy today. Have Friday-brain on Thursday because I’m off on Fridays. I want to paint every room in the house a different bright color and make a whole book of collages with brilliant acrylics and sharpie doodles and play in a pool with Emsy and dance with Bu and sing in the shower and learn to sew and buy vintage clothes and sew punkish patches on and finger paint.

Look! OMGS I’m in bloggah chick heaven: There’s a button to do my annoyingly tired & overused adorably snarky strikeouts. Oh kiss my chunky bum, Blogger! *Explodes in squee*

*Then crashes* OH no… Now I have to update CHBM again. Michelle’s gonna beat my pagan butt. At least the other rings & rolls were never reinstated after the original mama blog. Egads, I pinky swear once I can buy hosting, I’ll stay put foreverandeveramen.

Plz don’t kill me for moving. Again. Blogger has just pissed me off completely. It’s complete bullshit that I have to join a pain in the ass group and pray that someone might reply in a helpful manner to get any bloody tech support.


6 responses to “little testy today

  1. Welcome to WordPress. It’s nice over here. And the online support is good too!

  2. Well, so far I like this one a lot! It’s pretty, for starters, and I like the comments page better (more LJ like).

    My web domains expire like tomorrow, btw. So if we’re gonna do that hosting thing together we can totally do it after I get back from Cali. I’ll bankroll, if that’ll make it easier. (Doing a joint paypal account seems tricky).

    And DOOD, I have a WAH idea for you: art groups for toddlers!!! There’s an article about it in the current issue of Mothering, but I think moms would totally pay to let you “teach” their toddlers art. HAHAHA. If only they knew… toddlers are the best art teachers!

    But art supplies do cost money, so it’s not like you’d be completely ripping people off!

  3. Quick little test comment. *Waves dorkily @ self*

  4. yay! wordpress finally! now you even get to see my avatar with my comments and i can see yours when you come over.
    like the template a lot.

  5. Bine, YESS!!! I feel like I’ve upgraded even though I’m on a free blog still. I am severely annoyede that I’d have to pay to edit my CSS code, but I’lll just suck it up and buy a domain soon as I can:)

    Lexie, Kickass idea, actually. Maybe even better for school age kids whose schools only do art like once a week. I have a friend who was interestewd in that, and she has garage studio space too:) Good thoughts fo’ sho’.

  6. Hey girl, glad I found you again, thank you SO much for coming by to say hi and letting me know. I am too at wordpress and just cannot figure it all out. I too switched from Blogger and don’t know enough to keep myself out of trouble. My page takes forever to load, I can’t put in all the fun cute thingies i like, much less video and pictures which started out to be the whole point. I also can’t change it up at all and the other half of the fun for me is decorating LOL……..I pay a subscription besides the domain thingie but they charge me 20 bucks a time to fix things. How are you managing yours? Clearly I should just email you and not suck up your comments…….lets carry this conversation on email, shall we? sorry heidi šŸ™‚

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