toddler peace (i.e. unconsciousness)

There is nothing more precious than a sleeping toddler. Your infant may be just as cute- perhaps even prettier in her itsy bitsyness, just as peaceful and warm. But you didn’t earn it. Not like you do with a toddler* By virtue of the contrast between the frantic demonic possession and hysteria of 15 minutes ago, the now-sleeping baby is the most cherubic divine sweetness I’ve ever seen.

*Unless you are Ciaran’s or Viktor’s mom.


2 responses to “toddler peace (i.e. unconsciousness)

  1. amen!

    I am definitely liking your wordpress better than blogger!

  2. Sweet Lexie! I think I am too. It just chaps my ass that I didn’t design or tweak this lovely layout- excepting the header, of course. It’s a cheap upgrade but I’m waiting for my own site.

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