we now return to my regularly scheduled muggle life

I should have gotten a really good novel queued up to soften the Post-Potter Depresssion. (This isn’t due to the content of the book; it was precious and I have no real critique except that there was a plot point that made me go Wha? Huh? and sent me googling for clarification.) Now that I’ve finished eating, sleeping, breathing Deathly Hallows I’m just a bit lost, entertainment-wise. I’ll have to channel my obsession to another fandom and pop in Buffy Season 6 DVD’s until I can get to the theater to see Order of the Phoenix.

Our day was insane, amplified no doubt by my staying up until 2:30 a.m. reading.   And why the hell has the baby decided that she needs to nurse for an hour and a half solid before bed?! 


3 responses to “we now return to my regularly scheduled muggle life

  1. I haven’t finished my book yet (though I finally have it.) I did go see the movie last night and it was ok, but I was kinda disappointed. Maybe ’cause the Order of the Phoenix was my second favourite of the books. Just 1 quick tip: make sure you go to the bathroom just before it starts. 🙂

  2. i’m reading ‘the hindi bindi club’ and ‘just add hormones’. both are good. i also found one on the table at the library called ‘hide your money’. not that i have a lot but i’d like to know how to keep it safe when i get there. ‘-)

  3. oh my! did you say 1 hour and 30 minutes at the boobie? how did you manage? i used to nurse laying down at bedtime. but when we were up, baby bliss would nurse for anywhere from 2-10 minutes then nod off. i thought something was wrong with her!

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