I am not thrilled with the grandies, but I am coping:)

Not like they pierced her ears or cut her hair.


3 responses to “toes

  1. Earlier this summer, I was polishing my toenails. Jack became extremely interested and demanded that I paint him, too. I thought, “Well… why not? It’ll be funny.” My husband, thankfully, agreed and thought Jack’s lone pink toenail was cool in a Johnny Depp kind of way.

  2. Yeh, I’m crazy- I’d have been happier to have a boy with painted toes. It looks so grown-up and woman-y, and I’m just kinda squicked by the prissy-fication. Plus there are gawdawful chemicals in it…

    Whatever, I”m already over my cosmetics angst:)

    Mmmm…. Johnny Depp. Mmmmmm…

  3. I knew the mention of Johnny Depp would cheer you up.

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