i heart gay moms

It’s a damn good thing I didn’t know Sara Gilbert is gay, because if I had, I’d have never settled for a mere male and would have stalked her until she caved. (I kid; my Bu’s gender is peachy and hetero marriage is lovely. Unless Maggie Gyllenhaal ever decides she is open to a relationship with a chunky funky mama with stretch marks, tattoos, and an Appalachian twang.)

That’s what I get for getting crushes on actresses but not caring enough to read celebrity gossip rags. But, anyway: Sara’s a new mom again. w00t!

Speaking of le gossip, if you’re in the mood for some, check out the clean and yummy design of Scandelirious, my friend’s new site. She’s a massive visual talent, is Miss Emily.


One response to “i heart gay moms

  1. i liked “it must be nice to be able to take turns being pregnant”.
    she’s cute, i think i never saw her all grown up, only darlene-aged.
    and yay! for lesbian moms. i remember asking a lesbian couple in charlotte i lived with for a couple of weeks if they wanted to have children and they said they felt the u.s. wasn’t ready for homosexual parents yet and were afraid their children would have to suffer for it. things seem to have changed a lot in the last 10+ years.

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