studio progress * squee!


I’d be so ecstatic right now if I weren’t completely zombie-fied on Benadryl. (Dust is  The Devil. My day was (except for the sneezing hysterics and itchy red eyes) sublime. Zha Boue was adorable for her surrogate Grandma, my mom’s sister and my favorite aunt. We don’t get to hang enough with our work schedules, so it was a treat to spend the afternoon together. Then Princess PinkToes took a wicked long nap and we took her to the grandies for the night. Bu’s been practicing his bass and I’ve been Pow!Pow! Superwomaning the studio mess. 

So, it’s functional, albeit piled up and cluttered. But there is actual surface to work on the drafting table.

Got so giddy I had to scribble a big ol’ honkin’ daisy on the wall. New essential symbol of me, apparently.  It’s good. Freshness and simplicity and spring things. And the blog has been a great tool for expression…


2 responses to “studio progress * squee!

  1. wow, that’s some progress! i managed to unpack three boxes yesterday (not that you can see the difference with another 100 standing around) and am in for a cleaning frenzy today.

    bu’s playing the bass? i happen to be hooked on the second bass player in a row. bass playing is definitely sexy.

  2. Yeh, he’s learning:) He is also my second bass player! They are sexy mofos those bassists:)

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