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Inspire Me Thursday’s topic this week is Uniqueness/DNA. My first impulse was to repost my digital art piece which features a latticework of DNA.  Then I thought I’d repost this image about my birth defect. Then I decided I’d just link back to that (as I realized it wasn’t imported to the WordPress blog) and post the pregnant image. I keep forgetting and re-remembering that I’d made this. (I don’t have any prints of my own; I paid my doula with the one framed print I’d displayed at an art show.)

It occurs to me now that I could maybe create some digital pieces or altered digital pieces for that show in October. I’ve only very tentatively and quietly created real digital work, haven’t really emraced the medium as Fine Art (versus Graphic.) Time- and money-wise, it’s probably the best bet to actually follow through and create a small series for the show. It’s still costly, though: printing and framing.  If we can get caught up a little on bills, borrow what’s left  I’ll worry about making the art now; buying materials will follow.

 This was the one piece of intentional, “fine” art I made while I was pregnant. It’s called MotherLine. It was a pencil drawing, scanned in and painted in Photoshop then duplicated and layered with the (really beautiful) latticework of DNA I pieced together. I love the DNA in it- definitely my favorite part.

14 responses to “inspire :: DNA

  1. Wow! This is amazing. I really love the way you layered the DNA over the top too. It makes it a very rich piece.

  2. Very powerful piece!

  3. Wow
    This is really beautiful!

    I’ve not had children but to see this artwork…I think it depicts the whole theme of pregnancy amazingly well.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. I am with Sonia – WOW< WOW< WOW!!!!

  5. Thanks so much for the compliments:) That’s so encouraging and sweet!

  6. There is so much that is riveting about this piece.
    Love that each set of breasts form an upsidedown heart shape that blends into the circular motion and movement.
    Have to add my WOW to the bunch!

  7. And here’s my WOW too !! I love it !! So special all of it !!

  8. This is a dramatic piece VERY interesting 🙂

    I was thinking a while back – What if time were to reverse? Everyone would return inside their mothers. Everyone would revert to one mother (of their own race) in the end.

  9. Beautiful, stunning piece!

  10. Valaine,
    What a striking idea. I kind of like the idea of spiritually returning to the womb, backwards through time to the first mother, a deep dark Goddess in the heart of Africa, welcoming her children into Her Truth and Oneness, even us, her pale sun-fearing children:) In her primal embrace, we can all remember that race is illusion, that we are all Hers.

  11. This really is a very striking piece. Motherline says it all….WOW!!

  12. the best part is the DNA overlay…cool

  13. It immediately gets you when you look at it…

  14. I agree. I particularly like how layered this is. Layered in meaning, layered hands, womb, breasts, layered life, layered dna….. Deep stuff.

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