anorexia: better than slashy fanfic?

There’s kind of a mass exodus at LiveJournal in the wake of a witchhunt in fanfiction communities and promotion (or at least sanctioning) of some disgusting pro-anorexia communities. Oh, my Goddess:

 I felt so intimidated and piggish.  I had to keep touching my bones to make sure they hadn’t disappeared while I was walking.  Does anyone else do that?  You see someone who looks way better than you and then to reassure yourself you touch your collarbones or count your ribs over your shirt?  I felt like I was doing that constantly.  Luckily they didn’t disappear, but it worried me so much.  I’m glad that my collarbones stick out so much ’cause along with touching them, I could look at my reflection in windows and see them and then I felt better.  I guess I never realized how much I loved my bones. 


You know what? After reading more posts and links, I’m having some mixed feelings. One poster described the community as a safe place for anorexics who aren’t ready to recover to say whatever they want/need to, uncensored. I certainly understand the need to reach out without fear of judgement. It’s hard to understand, though… having been diagnosed with an eating disorder (the compulsive overeating kind) and kind of shrugging it off. I’m not powerless to rethink my diet choices, but at the same time I do overeat often for non-hunger reasons, and do it even as I’m thinking how gross it is. If I do have an eating disorder, it’s mild and on the opposite end of the spectrum- so this mindset is so foreign.

3 responses to “anorexia: better than slashy fanfic?

  1. I’ve never been formally diagnosed as a compulsive overeater but know that I am…

    Even so, some of those ED communities are about support and others are not. Telling someone how to starve herself is not okay. Telling her you understand why she feels that need and sharing that part of yourself too is something different…some of the communities do the latter, which is great, but many do the former, which is just not!

  2. i kind of agree with heidi.
    also, i see a difference between stress- or anxiety-related binge-eating and a disorder where people have completely lost their sense of self-perception and practically starving themselves to death.
    the fact that this forum is a platform where people encourage each other to starve instead of seeking help makes it dangerous.

  3. I agree with them both in a way…
    The idea of someone WANTING to starve themselves confuses me just as much as the idea of someone wanting to fill themselves with food, not because I’m ignorant, but because I have never experienced anything similar to any of those situations before. I have had different eating patterns, but nothing that hinted towards and kind of “disorder”.
    I have, however, had a problem when I was younger with cutting myself. I know, different situation… but the point is, I had a possible life-threatening problem that I needed help with. I don’t even remember what it was that made me stop cutting myself, as those years have formed a blur on my memory, but I do know that had I found myself amongst many others who were making excuses for their actions, I would not have been able to stop. Even a group of people “slowly weening down”… I don’t know, I don’t think it would have worked for me.
    Then again, we must consider the fact that everyone takes in a situation differently than someone else, and that not everyone heals the same.

    It’s just scary in a way, for me to think about communities of anorexic people… maybe because anorexia has never affected my life in any way.

    Anyways… sorry for rambling, since I never formed an actual point. This article certainly made me think!

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