the first flutters

nest.jpg Text reads: When I first felt her tiny, fluttering movements I named her Mollybird, as if she had wings shaking me from the inside. My entry for a First Something in the Pulsate Olympics. I wasn’t going to enter, but Bine’s erntry inspired me. Go see.


6 responses to “the first flutters

  1. oh…so pretty!

    And nothing compares to those first random flits in the belly. So magical and peaceful.

  2. how beautiful…i cannot wait to have a child… 🙂

  3. ooooh … that’s wonderful.
    a friend of mine told me the first movement felt like a little goldfish touching the gold fish glass of her belly from the inside. since i feel much more connected to birds than to fish, i guess my association would rather have been wings, too …

  4. Oh, Bine it is like a fish too:) Here’s a little photocollage I made around that time too. (Stolen photograph: naughty daisy!)

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