mountain = mama

mountainismama.jpg No, I haven’t finished The To-Do List That Ate Seneca Rock, but I wanted to make a quickie post and then wanted to add a photo from Bu’s recent WV adventures in landscape photography, and then I had to play in Photoshop because it is teh crack.

I kinda lurv my silly design. I’d buy it in sticker or T-shirt form. Need to do the Zazzle or Cafe Press thing. Anyone have experience? I’ve heard Cafe Press’s merchandise is poorly made. Zazzle seems to be less friendly for shop owners maybe. Thoughts? Experiences?

I’m all over the mountain mama thing these days, y’all.

1. Have had Carrie Underwood’s truckbashing anthem of Redneck Grrl Justice, Before He Cheats, stuck in my head for weeks. Weeks! It is awesome. I love the flow of the lyrics. The rhythm of them is just yum. And while I certainly am not the country music fan, I have to disclose that the few songs I do like are really fun to sing because in my voice/twang everything sounds like country anyway. Seriously. It’s like Hay-uhd Lahk a Howuhl Y’all when I sing Nine Inch Nails. OK, not that bad. On the scale of twang in the region, I’m low. But it is there. It’s more pronounced when I sing or am drunk. *g*

2. I conceded to Bu that his occasional use of um, holler dialect is permissable and will henceforth be a respected cultural tradition that I will no longer correct because a) it is bitchy and condescending, and b) I’m addictedish to the Buffy slanguage-y goodness and get all inventy with my words so it’s the same diff. Not that I totally adopted this from Buffy per se. My friend (and proudly loudly self-proclaimed Redneck Woman) who saw it the first time said “They talk like you!” Heh. Me and Joss? We’re soooo tight.

3. I have a horse ranch logo to design and I’m itchin’ to use some cool western fonts I have had for ages but never needed. Fun. Also working on a quilting and crafts company’s site.  Again with the fun fun fonts.

OK, I’m fixin’ to work now, really.  

3 responses to “mountain = mama

  1. arrrghstopdoingthatthing! every time you write “mountain mama” stuff i get annoyed by john denver singing in my head for a couple of days.

    but very beautiful picture. i love mountains like this, almost as much as i like the sea. i’d know the best sticker and t-shirt printers here, but am of no help for your side of the atlantic.

    i love a country twang. when i was travelling the carolinas and tennessee i wished i could learn it, but i think you have to be raised on grits and gravy to do it.
    i remember i have a few cool western fonts, too … can’t wait to see what comes out of this.

  2. Poor Bine. You should download the Carrie Underwood song and get that stuck in your head instead. Here’s a thing: that song is used as a WV anthem; it was written about West-ERN Virginia. No Shenandoah River here >:|

    So sorry. Song fixation sucks.

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