look she waxed my brows too

haircut.jpgLeigh reminded me! Never showed off my cute hair. Growing the front out so it’s dramatically longer than the rest. Maybe there’ll be streaks. Maybe not. Bu silliness and Wonderfalls DVDs have lifted me to at least treading water. We rock, Leigh. We has kewt harez.


11 responses to “look she waxed my brows too

  1. soooo cute! in this sunlight i see your hair is much lighter than i thought. what kind of streaks are you thinking of? reddish? blonde?

  2. It looks great! Way better than mine.

  3. Very kewt harez! And your top matches your WP theme. What more could you ask 😉

  4. Very cool. Very flattering too.

  5. Really shows off your beautiful eyes!

  6. I like it!! You look gorgeous (as usual) 😉

  7. very kewl!!!

    (PS — I’m hoping this goes through. For some reason my recent comments aren’t showing up… it’s weird.)

  8. My hair is cut similiar, but longerish in the front, like you are working toward! LOOOOOVE it…..I haven’t taken a pic yet, I should do that soon…..

    You look adorable and like your pixie self!! I agree, it highlights your mischevious eyes.

    I have the icks/anxiety/sadness too, stupid anxiety.

    Wahhhh I can’t read the password protected….

  9. You are gorgeous! Gorgeous! Your eyes are amazing and like others have said, this sexy hair just pumps them up even more.
    Congrats on getting to get a little self-care in!

  10. You’re -adorable-! I love the hair!

  11. I love it! I just returned from a vacation WITHOUT INTERNET ACCESS. Whatever did I do? So I just now got to see this. Oh yeah girl, you DO rawk. Your eyes are so beautiful with this haircut. xoxo

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