spicy pirate smoothie

Into Ye Blenderrrr:

1 banana, minus two toddler bites
about 8 oz orange juice
about 4 oz apple juice
handful of icecubes
shot of spiced rum

Blend until smooth. Pour into a glass, and top the frothy goodness with cinnamon.


Why I love Bu:

-Honey! Come down here! It’s Drink Like A Pirate Day!
-Drink Like A Pirate Day! (Giggles.)
-You made that up.
-OK, I’m in! Pour the rum!


Your favorite rum drink recipe?


3 responses to “spicy pirate smoothie

  1. hmmm, sounds yum! ehhhr … can i leave out the rum and make those toddler bites pirate bites instead? (my friend jamma keeps insisting my lover looks like a pirate.)
    your bu is sweet. and your new layout is awesome.

  2. Best rum drink ever:

    Coconut rum. Shot glass. Straight.

    Actually, the possibilities of coconut rum drinks are ENDLESS…. got some (vanilla) vodka? Mix it in! Any kind of juice, soda, whatever. Oh My. Coconut rum goes with everything! Especially coconut!

    And chocolate 😀

    (I have to admit that while I love the new look, I don’t like the four bar layout… three is enough, in my book! But it works for you 😀 )

  3. Oh I totally agree Lexie, RE: layout. WordPress (free kind) ius very limiting with regards to customization. But it’s a cool freebie for now.

    Have never had coconut rum. Will get. Excellent:)

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