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While the very thought of National Blog Post Month makes me feel queasy, I am embarking on an attempt to wake up each morning in November at 7 a.m. Then I’ll work my way up to 6. So. Top o’ the mornin’ to ye. All 31 of ’em. Or 30? I guess 30. Whatever.

 And here is the Blog of Bu, a.k.a. Through the Lens, all resplendent with Molly Costumey Goodness.

five years ago today-ish


Very blown out photo Mia (left) posted on her MySpace page.
I (right) am
1. In a decidedly unflattering top, and
2. Having of the very long pretty hair.
Dude smooshed between us is my tattoo artist, Gordon. Groovy, yes?

Yeh, Mia totally out-gothed me:) You’ll have that. And now, for real, goodnight.

sketchcast #1

Thank you, Eden. It’s like crack for doodlers. I can’t get it to embed, but here’s the link: There’s actual voice!

quickie shout-outs & so forth

This one’s for Betsy: Yoda Quote of the Day gadget for iGoogle.

This is how incredibly great Marianne is: a box full of warm, soft goodies for the Birdy and me. Just for an itty doodle. I’m seriously overwhelmed:) I’m so so so in love with Busha and her daughter Brooke I just want to run away to Cali and snuggle them. Brooke’s extra snuggable these days, what with the eensy baby girl all warm and comfy in her belly!

 In the world of me? There are killer sniffles hagning on. There is a new Pirates DVD (Dead Man’s Chest. I had to! Tia Dalma was calling me.) There is a ladybug costume and black leggings and turtleneck waiting for the bittle boo. There will be a little firepit and hot cocoa and Molly’s first trick-or-treat and life is good.

Happy Halloween Eve. Did you know La Dia de los Muertos is actually November 2? So the Halloween Fest really is Saturday (Party Night) thru Friday! Nearly a whole week. So yeah, definitely better than Christmas. And I hate winter. Still. Marianne likes it enough for both of us I think. It bites. This lust for hot sun and the recent voodoo fixation have driven me to the conclusion that I was a (super sexy) Haitian chick in a former life.

OK: Paperwork calls. Much data to be entered.

the photos


At long last, I give you the photos:



The groovy staff thingy was actually purloined from the music room, serendipitously. It was an excellent accessory.

So we watched Dawn of the Dead and drank some beer and came home by 10. Woo.

Edit: Not sure why comments aren’t working. Maybe is fixed?

ladies and gentlemen, we have a new word


She says “chocolate”! Well, “gock-lit.” This is yummy chocolate whipped yogurt, which has so much fat and protein, I’ve decided to overlook the HFCS:) When we finish a cup, I look like this too, because she feeds me the last third or so. This might be my favorite word yet.

some sunday things

1. The party was teh lame:(

2. Our costumes rocked hard, tho’. Bu has the photocard so I’ll post evidence of our hotness later.

3. Mild hangover + medium cold, not as bad as I’d thought. Stayed in bed all a.m. with Buffy Season 6, which cures anything. Baby arriving soon- squee! I miss her.

4. The dog issue: our inherited dog, Bailey, is pooping and peeing in the house like crazy, and is really testing our patience. One of us has less of that- the one who is not a mother- and he has evicted her. We’re scrambling to find a home. I really think if she had a fenced play area and lots more time outdoors than we can do, she’d be peachy. There is guilt, but I’d rather her have a new happy home than keep her here. Anyone want a sweet but slightly high needs 4 year old black lab/chow mix?

5. So I’m off to buy some junk to clean the carpet.  Again.