happy callous disregard for the humanity of indigenous peoples day


OK, sorry, the snarkiness just possesses me sometimes. Carry on.


6 responses to “happy callous disregard for the humanity of indigenous peoples day

  1. Holiday, what holiday?

    Oh yeah, I totally spaced out — fucking Christopher “I am the asshole who started the fucking of the indigenous people of America” Columbus day. What a fucktard. May his memory be black black black, like his soul!

  2. Oh, and also it’s Canadian Thanksgiving, which is a nicer holiday, since they don’t quite have the same fucking people up history we do (a little bit, but not as bad).

  3. Oh, and also? Since obviously I am a comment whore today… you should do my house meme! It is FUN to read about my friend’s houses!

  4. LOL. Declan asked who Columbus was over the weekend and I said “he was the man who bumped into our country and then was mean to the people who already lived here.”

  5. Aimee, That’s a lovely answer. If I’m not careful, my poor child is going to be subjected to the endless lectures my Dad treated me to… i’ll have to master the art of brevity:)

  6. Lexie, I was cheered to see you shared my pissiness:) I’m all over the house meme later on- excellent blog fodder! I’ve been thinking about taking some little macro shots of areas in the house I love (or hate) to share with the intrnetz.

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