ladies and gentlemen, we have a new word


She says “chocolate”! Well, “gock-lit.” This is yummy chocolate whipped yogurt, which has so much fat and protein, I’ve decided to overlook the HFCS:) When we finish a cup, I look like this too, because she feeds me the last third or so. This might be my favorite word yet.

3 responses to “ladies and gentlemen, we have a new word

  1. She is starting to look like a little girl! So beautiful!

    And you mama? At the Halloweenie party? HOT. You look amazing. Even if the party was teh lame, you did in fact, rock it.

  2. She is so little girlish sometimes I can’t breathe. Then she comes & tugs on my shirt for nummies and melts into me and is a tiny baby again, or falls asleep in the car and looks so tiny and peaceful it’s like the first time I brought her home, all 8 pounds & 9 ounces. *Sigh*

    I definitely had more fun making the costume and dressing up than going to the party, but hey:) It was fun nonetheless. Thanks:)

  3. aaaah, double sweetness!

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