sketchcast #1

Thank you, Eden. It’s like crack for doodlers. I can’t get it to embed, but here’s the link: There’s actual voice!

4 responses to “sketchcast #1

  1. oh my goddess! i can hear your voice! it’s so lovely! and you sound sooo american, too, like you’ve been raised on cajun food and kentucky bourbon.
    the doodlemachine is awesome. haven’t tried it out myself yet, but your doodle looks great. will try!

  2. oh, i forgot – are you using a tablet with pen or are you able to do stuff like that with your mouse (gasp)?

  3. OMG Bine, That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard today: Kentucky Bourbon & Cajun Food…lol. Unfortunately, it’s more like cheap beer & cornbread, but yeh:P

    Yes, it was a Wacon tablet with pen. My mouse drawing were shit. It is too much fun. I’m dying to do another one. If you make one send me a link- I wanna hear the sexy German accent!

  4. THAT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!

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