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ask and you shall…

My site was nominated for Freakiest Blogger!

squee! Eden rocks. Now vote, motherfucker, vote!*

*This is in no way a quickie cop-out music post to fullfill the honor of Teh Awesome Music Meme** bestowed upon me by Sabine @ Sleepless in Cologne. (Bine, I still have your doodle. I suck- I think I’ll just scan the damn thing and email you.)

**Said meme means I have to figure out how to post a video, which I’ve tangled with in the past. But it was Sketchcast. I think YouTube I can do. Yes.

show me the freaky love, people

So, yes, I am aware that begging for blogosphere cool points automatically makes me less cool. I do not care. All I want for ChristmaSolstice is to be nominated for Freakiest Blogger.

I don’t plan or want to win, but I. Want. That. Button. Gimme.

I’m pretty sure I’m better qualified for Freakiest than I am for Hottest Mommy (Hi, I recently had sex with my husband for the first time since, what… spring? Um, not that long but yeah) or best parenting blog (“TV is the devil; I declare it so!” “OMG Molly luuurves Curious George it is the best show in the werld! Did y’all see House the other day?” And yes, that is my breast in my baby’s mouth as I chug a beer. Why do you ask?) and some crackheads nominated me for those last year. (Which is me kidding, because that was killer, even though I never got around to putting up my brag buttons. I’m busy, yo.)

So I’ll trade ya. Somebody nominate me and I’ll post the prolific doodling I did stranded in Pittsurgh in a software class with no computer. Said doodles include a self portrait, a full page drawing of Stonehenge with grassy patterns under a randomly abbreviated solar system, and a Family of Boo caricature thing.

the burgh & the boobs

We are safely in our hotel near Pittsburgh, despite the torrential rain and a teeny wrong turn that cost us .75 and 30 minutes on a toll road. We’ve been to dinner with Laura who is adorable and interesting in person- much as she is on my instant messenger, and Dan, who is freaking gorgeous very interestingly geeky and quietly smart. Dinner was delicious- did you know they can make tofu-ish stuff from wheat gluten? Then they can saute it in really good sweet sauce and sprinkle sesame seeds on and it’s so good meat & potato guy liked it? I had no idea. Was telling Laura that I think gluten is a dirty word from work. (It’s a common avoidance diet for autism & PDD.) This dish is fabulous though. I fear my doggie bag will not survive until lunch.

So the breast pump I brought is a pain in the ass, thank you Evenflow. Great suction, but it backs up if I don’t keep it at exactly 90 degrees vertically. Also, dumping breastmilk down the drain is painful, as I’m sure if I’d only tried I could find a little preemie in the area who needs some expressed milk and would be more grateful than my baby. She flat out won’t touch breast milk in a bottle anymore. So, I dump. I had a small internal pep talk that if Molly would be one of the rare toddlers who decide to wean after a short separation from mom, I still nursed 18 months, which earns me Milk Goddesshood in my culture so yay. (And the sleep… there would be sleep…) The chances of that are so small they may not actually exist outside of second-hand anecdotes.

I have done amazingly well with the mama separation anxiety. It helps knowing Molly’s not having any. I still hate that I spend less time with her than I’d like to, but it’s incredible that I have the grandies’ safe happy home where she loves to visit. I miss her little sugar cookie self but I’m so, so excited about this king size bed in a nice clean room in a place not-home.

Also helpful is Molly’s great timing in deciding that today would be a good day to learn to talk back to the telephone. Hearing “Mama!” and some babble and “Bye Bye” was delicious. She’s at a kind of crossroads phase between baby baby and big toddler that is a roller coaster between clinging and exploring and it’s wonderful.

 And now I surrender the laptop- actually in my lap for once, on a nifty lap desk thingy- back to Bu the Master of Flash, making damn fine babies, and driving in the rain at night.  

seven weird things

Via OhMyGoddess I’m So Jealous Of Her Hair Sugared Harpy:

Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Yeah, I probably won’t. Do it if you catch this post. Or not if you don’t want to. I’m flexible like that.

1. I hate when my nails grow longer than just a tint bit of white showing. It feels dirty.

2. I have 12,543 weird OCD compulsions. One of them is that I have to check and recheck my alarm is set about 3 times.

3. I prefer odd numbers.

4. i prefer lowercase letters, and my signature is not capitalized. i follow the rules in the post on the blog because i admit it is easier to read capitalized sentences and i worry you’ll think i’m either pretentious or lazy. i do vent my lowercase love in my titles usually.

5. Another OCD thing is flexing my (freakishly long) toes against my shoes in rhythms that I see or hear: music, or mile markers on the road or whatever.

6. I have a fetishy desire to own Catholic paraphernalia- rosaries, saint medallions and cards… but I’m a shameless heathen.

7. Several lay people have theorized that I might have absorbed a twin in utero- they think that explains my birth defects.


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oh, my eyes!

Bear with the seasonally inappropriate (meh: snow flurries…) dayglow butterflies and wildflowers please, until I have a chance to modify the graphics that came with this adorable but really fucking perky Sandbox skin. And lemme get a w00t for custom CSS! I was daydreaming today about making little buttony doodles for my sidabar headings and wondering if that’s even possible- and trying to imagine how the hell you google that. Then in my search for Sandbox styles, I found this.

It’s interesting but slow, learning by reverse engineering. I’d much rather learn from a book, actually. Or a hawt software instructor who is into weird, voluptuous, lactating, blogging chicks- like I get to learn Flash from Bu next week. Assuming, still, that the clients OK my sitting in on his class. In case of rejection, I’m packing the sketchbook and journal.

the yoni bush, in bad photos


This is the bush. So the leaves mostly blew off, and have faded to some pinkish colors that really reinforce the whole yoni thing. The weird motion blur I did accidentally is kind of nifty maybe, if you think of autumn wind. Yes, I’m reaching:)

sa-weet! spurlock attacks consumerism

Just discovered this: Morgan Spurlock’s “What Would Jesus Buy?”  Rock on. Because my lack of spending is a radical activist statement that in no way springs from my abject poverty.

I am such a fountain of holiday fucking cheer today. Can you stand it? The perky Daisy will rear her little lovebead-adorned self when I wake up in the morning and realize it’s Sweet Potato Casserole Day. We do not believe in marshmallows; we use crushed walnuts and then we burn it a little and it is crispy, crusty heaven.