implications of single babydom

Edit: And have y’all seen Idiocracy? It was soooo B movie, but it definitely made me snortlaugh a few times. The smart peeps had fewer and fewer kids, and the dumbasses kept having more until the human race was in a sad sad state.

Interesting column in local paper dealing with the demographical results of the western world’s smaller families.

All the scary talk (read sarcasm here) about those Muslims fucking like bunnies made me think maybe I should pop out a little army of patriots, asap. *snerk*  It is interesting, though, to ponder. I’ve never thought of the issue as any more complex as “World overpopulated. Single child family very greenly commendable.”

Emotionally, I’m on the fence I think. When I see a big ripe pumpkin of a pregnant belly I wanna fill up my uterus with a little kicking munchkin so badly it’s crazy. When I thought I was, though, I was contemplating jumping off a very high bridge. I think I’m still rationally on board with the singleton idea, and I’ve decided I won’t be able to really guage my emotions about it until Molly’s weaned. Unless it became an enormous overwhelming need, though, the campaign it would take to convince Bu would be fairly pointless:)


6 responses to “implications of single babydom

  1. Me too. Seriously.

  2. PS — really like the new design 😀

    (But the slogan “worst at what I do best?” I’m a little confused by and also sad about…)

  3. i have been wondering if pregnancy hormones are addictive. every mother i know and have ever known has had this thing.
    however sleep-depraved, stressed out or outworn they were, when their babies became toddlers they started craving the next pregnancy. a strange trick played by our bodies, i think.

    the article is interesting. this has been a big issue here for a couple of years already. there are a lot of government programs to make childbearing more attractive, like investments in better daycare, better financial support for single parents and a lot of tax and insurance deductions if you have children.
    the problem is not only that the germans (and other parts of the western world as well) don’t have enough babies any more, it’s mostly the intellectual elite that “refuses to breed”. so, assuming that less educated parents will also raise less educated children, we are not only facing an abate in younger population but also a decrease in the overall educational level.

  4. I’m planning on the singleton thing, too. So you’re not alone, sister. Being a family of three works for us.

  5. @Betsy:

    We call ourselves the Triangle Family:) Three is very nice.

  6. I really, really, really would love a little girl – then I could have my “set”! I never thought I’d just have one kid, either, and I can’t imagine bringing up an only.

    But Graham’s dead-set against another child and a lot of me is too. I’m not sure I could cope with the disturbed sleep for another 14 months, or with the notion that maybe Ciaran would be my GOOD baby!

    It’s hard to know what to do. I’m very broody when I see newborns, though.

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