you mother get up come on get down

Tradition is what you resort to when you don’t have the time or the money to do it right. – Kurt Herbert Alder (via Quote of the Day widget. Am all about iGoogle lately.)

Bu would agree this is me up and down.

I’m curled up with chamomile tea and Laura Love and I’m trying to relax. Feeling teh stress. I think I’m going to implement a Saint John’s Wort savings jar. Or get really down with the sickness and see if the clinic can hook me up with SSRI’s again- paperwork be damned.

You know what I hate, rockingness notwithstanding? In that Disturbed song, dude pronounces demon like “dee-min.” Sully The Yummy but Frightfully Mediocre from Godsmack does that too. Fucking grates. It’s deMON you idiots.

And why has my cold lasted three weeks whygodswhy?

That is all. Back to my tea and whatever you were doing.


5 responses to “you mother get up come on get down

  1. blech. That’s what you get for listening to Disturbed or Godsmack. Jebbus woman….SOOOO many GOOD bands out there!

  2. LOL Thordora:) I know, I know. They were just on the radio… it’s no excuse for referencing substandard bands but still.

  3. If it’s any consolation, they aren’t saying, “dee-min.” They’re saying, “dee-mən,” that little upside-down e being what’s called the schwa. It has the “uhh” sound used by every vowel at different times. It’s the second way you can say “a” in “a rock.” Aaaa, or uhhh.

    Taken from :
    * like the ‘a’ in about
    * like the ‘e’ in taken
    * like the ‘i’ in pencil
    * like the ‘o’ in eloquent
    * like the ‘u’ in circus
    * like the ‘y’ in sibyl

  4. Greg, Thanks for the resources and for trying to ease my pointless pronounciation angst:) I am familiar with the miraculous, ubiquitous little schwa- bless it’s heart. I maintain that they are making a soft i sound in place of the appropriate schwa- the assholes!

    But wow- thanks for taking the time to try to comfort me…lol.

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