a hanky for you, and you, and you


handkerchief_21104_lg.gif And me. Gods, why are we all afflicted with the Snot of Doom? Argh.

Molly got her flu shot today. My local moms group has been abuzz with the endless vaccination debate. My friend V met Dr. Robert Sears and got a list from the lecture about what brands of the flu shot have mercury. Molly’s didn’t. It does have traces of formadlehyde and something else, but for whatever reason I’m only obsessed with the thimerosol/mercury shit. I’m still second guessing a little but but whatever.

She did not cry. But then she had a blood test we put off at her one year check up. It was hellish and I wish I’d told them to stuff their lead paranoia up their asses. They missed her teensy veins and had to poke both arms and it was a teary baby nightmare.


2 responses to “a hanky for you, and you, and you

  1. Hoping you are all feeling better soon!

  2. Awww, poor Molly 😦

    Dr. Robert Sears is Xander’s pediatrician, and he is AWESOME.

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