ban comic sans


See, this just works on so many levels. The only thing worse than bunnies is Comic Sans abuse:)



6 responses to “ban comic sans

  1. ARGH!!!!!!! How can we be friends???? Papyrus is Teh Bestest font EVAH!!!!!!

    just kidding, but I do like it.

  2. Oh my gosh. I have been a Comic Sans hater for years and years. I also don’t like Screen Beans, ya know what they are? Comic Sans and Screen Beans are often used together for cheesy flyers, invites, ads, etc and I can’t stand them.
    I am a font queen – I get tingly and turned on by the best of ’em. LOL.
    Now, can you tell me about your disdain for bunnies?

  3. hee hee …
    yep, those two fonts are definitely overused.

  4. I LOVE Century Gothic. It’s my favorite!!!

    I’m an uber nerd, I know it.

  5. Hey, I like Comic Sans…but I think that’s partly because it kind of looks like my handwriting.

  6. That bunny cartoon is too funny. I had a lot of fun designing Google as it would look in Comic Sans – take a look and don’t miss the headlines because they are funny – Google if it was designed in Comic Sans –


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