teh intarwebbe, it is my heroin

Eden, you cyber temptress! I’m holding you personally responsible for the last 1 hour and 15 20  minutes I’ve spent mucking around on Flixter. I kept thinking of new favorite movies- but the bulk of my time was spent drifting between skins- Evil Willow, or Jack Sparrow. Jack wins out, but only because of readability.

People, there is too much stuff on the web. I could procrastinate infinitely. My epitaph is going to be a URL! Except, it’ll be on an urn. So maybe it’ll have to be a tinyurl. *snort*

So really, my plans, laid out here for some kind of abstract acountability:

  • Finish changing catalog cover to new specs.
  • Nail down new logo for Bu’s photo company ID redux.
  • Ditto for my design stuff.
  • Eradicate dust from every surface of house. (Am in allergy hell.)
  • Clean all floors. Actually mop them. (See above re: hell)
  • Shower.
  • Create chores schedule for House of Boo.
  • Play with new CSS ability. Change something- anything, just ’cause I can.
  • Edit categories? There are too many!
  • Put on a hat.
  • Visit & nurse baby and go to Business of Birth movie benefit and see crunchy mama friends and midwives.

One response to “teh intarwebbe, it is my heroin

  1. Hey, I was looking at Joaquin Phoenix photos (and rating them: 10! 10! 9! 10!) for like an hour. I feel your pain. Blame Paula 😉

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