so let me tell you about pittsburgh

This book is not that great, even if you are a 19 year old art student bound for the Art Institute (which is even more not that great, er really less great, than the book) and the incredibly tiny hovel apartment that your boyfriend has procured for you two and you can’t bring your cat even though you love the cat so much and you named him Stonehenge but you’re 19 and really, really excited because It Is A City and He Is Very Cute And Pierced and so the cat will be OK with your mom and this book must be incredible but really, not so much.

If you click on the ‘more’ I promise to resume traditional albeit boring sentence structure.

 So. It was nice, the city. I had the best therapist ever in an office on Craig Street with the really cute shops and that was fortunate because I had an utter and messy total meltdown. Went all Sylvia Plath almost and then got better and came back home and recovered from the boyfriend and the nearly girlfriend and the xanax and Jack Daniels. I grew out my Sinead, which is not cute on fat girls.

So that is the History of Pittsburgh, except for:

-I met Suz, who I adore
-I learned to like beer and became no longer exclusively a red wine snob
-they closed the fucking Beehive after I left and I dropped actually dead when I was in Oakland the next time


Bu teaches there Tuesday and Wednesday so we are going up Monday to stay 3 days 2 nights.

w i t h o u t M o l l y (!)

Alas, The Mattress Factory will be closed during all my free time. But I’m stoked. I get to hang out with Laura the adorablesmartsweetfun in person rather than on LiveJournal. I get to have Hotel Sex with Bu, with no risk at all that my boobs will be paged. I get to sit in on his Flash class and learn some stuff, and sleep through two nights in a row. But yeah: terrified a little. It’s just 4 hours and I have no doubt whatsoever that the Birdy will have a peachy time with the grandies, and will be pleased to still nurse after just 2 nights. I just know I’ll feel unsettled without her. But I need it so bad. The eensy little town gets clausterphobic. Need to just be not here. Wow.


One response to “so let me tell you about pittsburgh

  1. yay! i’m so excited!

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