yoni leaves

Here is a poem that fell out of me. I am in deep love with this modest little bush that lives by my front steps and has beautiful leaves still on with piles of shed leaves beneath her like a crochet blanket. I’ve felt drawn the past few days to creating something Andy Goldsworthy like with her leaves. Maybe just lay them out in a spiral on the ground…I have a need to collect them and treasure them. Then another post with a tiny thing about the yoni shape led me to this:

she sheds brilliant leaves in piles beneath her
each is a tiny yoni shape, a goddess gateway
i adore her in her simplicity, unpruned
for a year at least her growth
is wildness in the yard of a quiet home

i research yoni, beloved small word, to explain
why it is important that her leaves are formed just so,
and happen on a ritual that is
taboo and secret and sacred
and it whispers the reason to me

that watching her pour her leaves
on the earth is profound
because i shed too, red in rhythm like she does
with the turning of the sun
i bleed in circles with the moon

and to see the pouring of red unashamed
of its intensity falling in stark contrast
to the dark autumn earth
pulls me into the circles of time
and renewal and
each shedding of blood
is an autumn in a tiny world


2 responses to “yoni leaves

  1. that is lovely. yes, i see the similarity, the blood is like autumn leaves falling.
    what kind of bush is that? i really like andy goldsworthy. will you do something with the leaves? show! show!

  2. I’m trying to figure out what it is… lol. I have no idea:)
    I’ve lost light for outdoor work so I’ll do something tomorrow maybe. If I do, I’ll definitely post photos.

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