new logo. thoughts?

Other keen-eye-for-design-peeps?

I’ll go ahead & link you to the vomit that is the former company ID, then I’ll get real-me-in-the-real-world paranoia & remove it later:)


9 responses to “new logo. thoughts?

  1. I like this one a lot, the crispness is good!

  2. The blue and green is a great color combo. And like nobaddays said, it’s very clean and modern looking.

  3. love the colors. love the typeface. all very clean and crispy. ehrm … i think i have to sleep on that circular thingie. oh, i see, it was in the old logo, too. your new version is a 1000% improvement. this circle thing just doesn’t speak to me at first sight.

  4. God, their old typeface is a nightmare. So hard to read. This is much improved, plus not a total departure from their previous brand. Nice work.

  5. I like it a lot (and yes, I play around in the world of advertising, pr, marketing in real life). It is up-to-date, clean, colors are nice, but at the same time, ties in the old design (which is yuck – serious yuck).

  6. Very nice, modern, simple. Easy breezy.
    Love it.

  7. OK, girls, I almost hate to point this out, but I’m cracking up here. This is my company, and the shitty old design is mine too:)

    I love all this feedback and I’m thrilled that it apparently wasn’t clear that I’m redesigning my old stuff, because you were so honest:)

    Thanks & ROTFLMAO

  8. of course that was clear, remember you told us bu named the company after your dog? and how you came up with the dharma wheel and doggy paws thing? i still think it’s a 1000% improvement. the old logo was fine, but it looks like … well, ten years old.

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