jodie squee

She’s out, finally. Of the most transparent closet in recent lesbian history, but still. It is my second favorite coming out story ever. And amen like crazy to this:

Perhaps, though, we should cut Jodie some slack. I don’t recall Nicole Kidman, say, having to “announce” her heterosexuality. The fact that the grand gesture of “coming out” is still a big deal just shows that most straight people still assume everybody else is heterosexual. The advantage for Jodie is that she only has to come out once. Non-celebrity lesbians and gay men have to do it every time they meet someone new.

…or you could just pull a Daisy & wait until people ask you point blank and then say that yes, you are unstraight. Granted, this is a priveleged and blase attitude that really only applies to a heteromonogamous but bisexual married mom. So, to recap: Jodie, you rock like Barney Doogie Neil, and vaguely queer mamas with wedding bands = straight privelege + mild guilt.


4 responses to “jodie squee

  1. oh my god, i’m on my knees! i always knew it since i first fell in love with her at 16!

  2. With Jodie Foster especially, though, I respect her desire to live a private life. The Hinkley thing would mess with her head. Still, congratulations and love and rainbows to Jodie and her partner.

  3. I’m glad she’s felt safe enough to come out – it’s never an easy thing to do in modern America (even if you ARE in Hollywood!). I just think it’s a shame anyone feels like a big deal should be made about the sexuality of anybody, be they Jodie Foster or Joe Blow Yak Farmer.

    I love Jodie Foster and swoon at how creative and intelligent she is!

  4. Totally agree, Heidi – it’s kind of sad that anybody besides Jodie and her girlfriend cares who she’s sleeping with.

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