thinking less would be a Good

but I can’t seem to stop second guessing every little thing. Is it un-empowered or something to crybabyblog about having a horrible period and how I feel like Jekyll/Hyde chick when I menstruate? Does it negate the Goddessy love I have for the idea of my bloodcycle? Is it antifeminist to say chick? Is it anti-crunchy to bitch about how the baby always does the 24 hour a day leech nursling mommy torture when I’m on my period? Is it culturally/linguistically responsible to use the word bitch in a negative sense?

Does anybody give a shit? More importantly, does anyone have any fuckin’ chocolate?


2 responses to “thinking less would be a Good

  1. I am going to actually answer all of these hypotheticals. ‘Cause it’s Friday and I don’t wanna work.
    1. It’s empowered, in that you are admitting that you have some hormonal vulnerability.
    2. Nah. You can still love something but occasionally be pissed off by the reality of it.
    3. Depends on the context. You, my friend, couldn’t be antifeminist if you tried. You could call us all bitches, but we’d know it was with love and respect.
    4. It depends on the brand of crunchy you’re talking about. Is it militant crunchy that sees no room for other perspectives? Or is it godess-y, all-inclusive, loving and accepting crunchy? Pick the second one, and you get big crunchy hugs.
    5. I think the word is losing a lot of its bite.
    6. Of course we do, babycakes!
    7. Yep. Head right to my house and I’ll hook you up.

  2. 🙂 Your no-work Friday comment gives me many smiles. I’ll be over for chocolate when I raise air fare. You are a kickass rockin’ bitch!!

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