night weaning: day 4 (or, my baby is supergirl)

Wow! I decided after all to just stick with Dr. G’s schedule unless things got really crazed. They did not. In fact, I actually woke her up getting into her bed when I was restless in Bu’s & my room. It was roughly midnight. I scooted her over and she fussed. She said “Num” in her very-hard-to-resist tiny baby voice. I petted her back and told her, “Let’s wait ’til morning. Roll back over and go back to sleep.”

And she did.

She woke again at 2:30 ish and 5:15, and both times was fussy and asked to nurse but easily calmed back down. At 6, I was awake and ready to blow getting a little uncomfortable, so I snuggled her in and got her to drink enough to make me feel better and she slept until the alarm at 7:30.

This is amazing to me. Perhaps she was ready to start cutting back on her own, so this is just a little nudge. At any rate, there will be no cockiness or declarations of success. For all I know tonight could be bad.

Thus far, I am a Dr. Gordon fan, hugely.


2 responses to “night weaning: day 4 (or, my baby is supergirl)

  1. I am SOOOOO glad this is working so well for you and her!

  2. AWESOME!!! I am thrilled that it’s working out for you both. And perhaps a bit jealous…

    love ya both

    oh and we need some new pictures of the birdy. Eloweez comes to the puter and asks for “mahwee”

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