night weaning: day 5

Dear Dr. Jay Gordon,

Can I kiss you? Send you chocolate? Something? The Birdy went from 9 pm until after 6 am without nursing. Again. *is floored* I need to refer back to Dr. Grodon’s article to see what’s next. I think that the next phase is “no picking up” but I don’t pick her up. I just roll her against me, but I haven’t been doing that even. I’m just patting her, massaging her a little and talking gently. I may just hold this plan indefinitely and progress intuitively from here out, hoping that as she gets out of the waking-to-nurse habit she’ll stop waking. I’m still wicked tired, but it is winter so… blergh.


3 responses to “night weaning: day 5

  1. YAY MOLLY!!

    Ciaran still has a crush – and he calls her “Olly”.

  2. LOL, all Molly’s little friends and family can say her name but she can’t! Hehe: Olly. So cute:)

  3. Ciaran definitely can’t say his own name – it ends up sounding something like “eean”. He has a tough time with the letters C/K

    Funny how they night wean more easily than we think they will! I was sure Ciaran would absolutely freak out about it and it didn’t seem to bother him much at all in the end. I’m glad Molly is giving you a reasonably easy time too!

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