diagnosis skinny

Dear medical establishment,

No worried new mama should ever be handed a piece of paper that says

“failure to thrive”

unless her baby is sickly, or lethargic, or developmentally delayed, or malnourished, or otherwise actually failing to thrive. Moms of active, happy, bright skinny kids do not need this ridiculous worry infecting their consciousness. That goes double when that mama has to monitor said consciousness vigilantly to temper insane levels of anxiety and flashes of totally unfounded terror every day. In fact, “failure?” Let’s just avoid that word. I pass Mommy 101, I’m pretty sure. And Molly passes Baby 101, so it’s all good.

A simple “weight below average” diagnosis would be great, or even better: no diagnosis at all unless they find an actual disorder or disease to diagnose. My baby is small, and active and happy and healthy. *Facepalm* So I’m going to go let them stick needles in her, again, to make sure this is alright. Snarkiness aside, I’m OK with a blood test. If there is a problem it will be better to know now, and aside from an ouchie it’s not a scary invasive test. So, yeah… back to the hospital tomorrow and then the results- requested stat! because it’s an emerrrrrgencyyyyyyyy… will be in tomorrow evening. 

And the prescription cracks me up a little- they want her to eat more red meat. It’s funny because, well, in my head red meat = OMG poison!!! and also she won’t eat read meat. I’m gonna try the kosher all beef hotdogs. Hebrew International has the best commercials ever, btw. They are so cute. Just sayin’.  And I got some almond oil as a prezzie for my face but it’s food grade as well. Maybe I can sneak some vegan fats into her wee pixiness somehow.

Should I change the Birdy’s nickname to Chunky Monkey or Poofy Bear and see if that helps? 😉 Argh, I haven’t updated her memories & milestones page in ages. And with the Flickr, not so much.


6 responses to “diagnosis skinny

  1. I’m so glad we rarely take our kids to the doctor, and that he is barely aware of them when they are there. We avoid so much crap.

    And red meat? really? that sounds…odd.

  2. I know… I sometimes wonder if all the “well visit” check ups are necessary, but whatever…

    Yeah, the red meat thing is strange maybe, but there’s iron and fat and protein. I would love her to get a ton of plant-based fats but she won’t eat avacados or nuts or most anything. She doe have a very limited number of foods she’ll accept, so I think that’s part of why we think the blood work up is an OK idea.

  3. Jebus. I’m behind on the WBV currently, but I remember a friend of mine hearing the same thing from (our shared) pediatrician at about the 18 month checkup. Think it has something to do with breastfed babies having slowed growth as they get older? I DO. Fraking kellymom only has the WHO chart til 1 year, but my guess is the breast babies stay “behind” for awhile… but this is not bad! It is good!

    Whatever. Pediatricians don’t know shit, is my personal opinion now. I feel like firing my guy. Heck, I probably have, given that we just *ahem* forgot to go in in November…

    Remy does have one more round of vaxes he “needs” tho. FUCK.

  4. I don’t know if we’re supposed to have had an 18 month check…but we haven’t, in any case. I haven’t had Ciaran weighed since he was about a year old, maybe younger than that, and frankly, I don’t see any point in doing so unless he shows some sign of illness, delayed development, or whatever.

    Never mind the red meat if she doesn’t want to eat it – both the iron and higher fat content that it has can be gotten elsewhere. A brilliant cookbook for toddler finger foods, all of which are either vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly is “Finger Foods for Babies and Toddlers” by Jennie Maizels. I’ve found some really good recipes there.

    You might also try some vegetarian “baby pies” – roll out puff pastry fairly thin and cut out circles with a cookie-cutter. Saute chopped veggies, like steamed potato, sweet potato, onion, garlic, pepper, carrot, etc. and add some dried mixed herbs. Put spoonfuls of the mixture on top of each circle, throw on some small cubes of cheese (or grated cheese) and put a second circle on top. Seal with a fork, brush with beaten egg, and bake for about 20 minutes on 350 degrees. They’re a HUGE hit with Ciaran and especially if you can find all-butter puff-pastry, full of reasonably healthy fats.

  5. Lex, What’s WVB? Oooh. Well Baby Visits. I think. Cool.

    Well, I think she’s small/thin compared anecdotally and visually with other breastfed babes her age as well as formula fed tots. And she is definitely behind as far as accepting a good variety/quantity of foods, so I’m aware but not necessarily concerned about her food, and in the past months she has eaten better little by little.

    Heidi, that sounds yummy! I’ll probably puree the veggies for Princess PickyButt, but that does sound like a good bet. I’ll google some pastry recipes:) Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. this is really a very ridiculous thing. a friend of mine had exactly the same issues with her daughter – or rather, with her daughter’s doctors. they wanted her to feed more paps and mush when she was still breastfeeding, while her daughter just didn’t seem to be ready for it. the guys at the clinic actually put it like a threat, saying she was endangering the development of her baby. btw, that girl’s the smartest and bossiest kid of her playgroup, anything but underdeveloped. except that she’s a little skinny. she’s never sick. she’s bursting with energy. wtf do those doctors think? do they think at all?

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