very good argument against hospital births

I don’t know how to link to a specific comment, or if it’s possible, but I just read this in a thread on Feministing about home birth legislation, and I could scream for this mama:

I had a hospital birth with my first daughter…the birth itself went ok, it was the aftercare that nearly killed her. All in the name of ‘good insurance’ my daughter was over medicated, over tested & taken away from me to be ‘monitored’…during this she was fed formula against my written wishes and left on her back unattended…she vomited and choked, stopped breathing & had to be resuscitated. To top it off, the nurses did not tell me this happened, I had to read it on her chart.
In the end they didn’t find anything wrong with her excluding a slightly elevated billirubin level. I think they were trying to find a way to keep her to watch for aspiration pneumonia, but since they never fessed up to the incident, they couldn’t just come out & tell me that.

I think the saddest part…I contacted a lawyer to see if there was anything to be done about the ‘killing my child & not telling me part’ and he said that because she ended up being ok, there was no lawsuit there…he said i was lucky LUCKY! **CRY**

This was from twoluvcats. I think her lawyer’s insane. Tell me they can’t do that legally? Just neglect to tell you that your baby stopped fucking breathing? No. Just, no. Hell no.

There was also a comment that said if you have a natural birth in the hospital, you have a “will of steel” and that made me feel like SuperMama. I still have the need to go into my whole birth story to justify the little hit of narcotics before active labor, but no: my midwife told me that I “officially” had a natural birth (in that it was as natural as my birth could have been) so I’m claiming it. I did completely rock. Yes I did.

I want another pregnancy- but not so much another baby. Anyone need a surrogate? Am I kidding? I think I am. I miss the kicking and eensy newbornness, but that’s probably because Molly learned “NO” this weekend. Right now, it sounds really cute and all grown up in her teensy faery voice. However, I suspect the expiration date for the cuteness is about… tomorrow.


4 responses to “very good argument against hospital births

  1. Dood, I’d be so up for being a surrogate, except I know me, and I would bond in two bazillionths of a second. I just would. I freaking love kids.

    But shit, man. If you ever want to do that, I could totally hook you up with some awesome-cool infertile AP types.

  2. Oh, yeah, I couldn’t seriously do that. I would bond, too. It would be too hard. And honestly, I would feel like I was indirectly hurting a child who needed to be adopted. Oh, but I could just adopt one myself and…

    lol. Oh, baby lust is so confusing:)

  3. You know what? I consider my birth natural, despite the nitrous and the shot of pethidine.

    I had a pretty good hospital birth, all told, and I think it depends *entirely* on the hospital. I don’t think it’s fair to tar them all with the same brush any more than it’s fair for the “other side” to claim all midwives are inadequately-trained crackpots, you know?

    Ciaran still hasn’t learned “no”, thank every deity ever!

  4. thanks for the link to my blog!

    oh, there was one thing that pissed me off during the birth…they were mad at me for NOT getting drugs cause i was being too noisy & making them & other moms uncomfortable…It really was just bad all around. I won’t be going back to that hospital ever again, for anything.

    I argued & argued and argued with the lawyer, I wanted to sue them so bad…and half of it was vindictive, they shattered my confidence as a new mom (thankfully I was able to rebuild once we got out of the hospital)…and then he started telling me the horror stories of how much WORSE it could have been. Hospitals are killing and inuring babies at an alarming rate, and finding ways to hold themselves blameless.

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