blog for choice: contemplating the spiritual experience of abortion

For some reason I’m feeling raw-emotional today. I can’t think of any meaningful thing to post, but I’m reading Abortion Clinic Days and feeling teary and complex and thinking of my women friends-allies at the clinic and acknowledging the depth and breadth of our patients’ experiences… just sinking back into the memories of working there and how I felt I was part of some dark and quiet Goddess power that is Crone and Mother and Maiden all at once and also beyond that. 

It’s a day to beg the human consciousness to awaken to the full spectrum of experience, to shift and evolve past binary oppositional thinking to embrace the reality of all our needs and differences. The simplistic ignorance of black and white thought is killing us all slowly.

I don’t have the rage today that I sometimes convey when I address abortion and choice; I feel contemplative and sad. I’m sad this is such a political, public issue. Sad it has to be. Shouldn’t be. This process should take place quietly, safely, in a place where women are listened to and respected by elders and peers and nurses and doctors who come together to bless and guide and comfort and affirm, empower.

Today I’m struck that we’ve missed the spiritual workings and instead are drowning in religious dogma and laws, crafted by men, designed in an abstract moral remove that completely is divorced from the bodies and souls it affects.


4 responses to “blog for choice: contemplating the spiritual experience of abortion

  1. And I couldn’t agree more. You’ve put into words what I’ve been thinking for..well, years, but specifically after just seeing Juno.
    As a huge birth advocate (as I know you are) I walk a fine line with abortion. Of course, I believe it to be a choice all women should be afforded and a choice with the kind of blessed support you mentioned.
    At the same time, I do think about that tiny life. And I get mushy and sad. But not sad enough to where I’d ever believe a woman should be prevented from walking that path.
    Thank you for sharing this and articulating it with so much deep love.

  2. I love you!

  3. I got angry about it yesterday, but today I’m with you on the sadness…

  4. I have never heard anyone say it so well. Thank you.

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