House spoiler after le jump: How loud did I squeal when Thirteen got outed? OMG. She’s bisexual. And now I’m gonna look all bandwagony when I tell you that I love her and wish I’d posted my new crushling before this development. But yeah. I am full of the squee and hope that we get to see her sleep with Cameron Cuddy have dates and deal with this in a positive way. I suspect that the issue will become soft-core p0rn fodder but I am holding out hope that some of the issues about bisexuality will be explored and dealt with responsibly. If indeed the outing was merited, but she did seem to confirm by not denying.

She has the eyebrows that I have if I spend 20 minutes grooming them. I have that pointy thing that looks harsh on my but sassy and pretty on her. Plus, 13 is a fabulous number.


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