i’m clevernessless. consider it untitled.

This morning, in the space of two hours or so, I went from feeling peachy keen, well-rested, hot coffee, life’s a singsongy bunch of sunshine to shit-on-a-stick, half dead, can’t breathe whining pool of misery.

I’m congested and drippy at the same time and my eyeballs hurt. My bones feel cranky and cold. Why is this the winter of repeat-o-colds and allergy hell? When will it end? Why did I do eleventy thousand loads of laundry during my feel good morning that I now have to fold and put away during my craptastic whine-o-rama evening?

Oh. Whine-O-Rama. That’d have been a good post title. Warn you, so you knew the muck you to which you were about to be subjected.

It is “feed a cold, right?” ‘Cause I’ve thrown down about 10,000 cookies. I made peanut butter oatmeal, to try to tempt the pixie with hidden plant based fats. Um, no. She spit them out. Leaving me a bunch of yummy, extra fattening delicious cookies.

But, lo! She slept last night. It was much better. Totally back to normalcy. (Which adds credence to my”period hormones wreaking havoc on her or my milk for some strange reason” theory- a theory I didn’t divulge here but did present to my LiveJournal people.) And I got her vaporizer misty little frog dude to work, so that’ll help tonight.


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