because IV tubing and shiny machines (ping!) are too dazzling to compete with actual evidence

Despite mountains and mountains of evidence supporting not only the safety of homebirth, but its superiority over hospital birth with regards to normal pregnancies, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has issued a statement condemning births that take place at home.

Clearly we could be doing more as a country to make sure that we have an even higher C-section rate, even scarier infant and mother mortality numbers, and much, much more fear. Without fear, there are so few epidurals, and without epidurals, well gosh- we might have smaller bills, and fewer interventions. The OB’s would starve.

The best thing about being a mommyblogger and not a reputable news source? Free and copious use of snark. And I can just tell you to google home birth is safer or somesuch and get on with my life in lieu of providing refuting evidence.

Now a raging sinus infection? That’s a potential need for a doctor. And there’s my segue to tell you I have an actual fever, and am taking a sick day- again- and to warn of a probably orgy of posting.


6 responses to “because IV tubing and shiny machines (ping!) are too dazzling to compete with actual evidence

  1. What annoys me is that there’s absolutely no provision for the way the UK provides home births on the NHS…which is midwives IN YOUR HOME who can get an ambulance to your house if there’s any emergency at all.

    Yes, it strains resources. No, it isn’t a perfect system. The difference is, even with hospital births here, our midwives were advising us to *stay at home as long as possible* because as they pointed out, just switching from home to a new environment (ie the hospital) can slow labor!

    I really, really wish the US had a midwife-led birthing system, be it at home or in hospital, the way the UK does.

  2. I totally agree with you except for the epidural thing. Epidurals kick ass. If I could have one right now I would. In fact, you should ask for one for your sinus infection. I would.

  3. LOL, Jenny. I think I might like an epidural for my head:) Can they do that? Numb me from the neck up? I could still be a secretary with a numbed skull, I’m sure. At least it’s receded from pounding oceans of snot to merely feeling like an overfilled water balloon.

    Honestly, I had labor with Pitocin and I still thought it was weird that people would rather have a needle put in their spine than feel those contractions. That may well speak more to my fear of needles omginmyspine! than my pain tolerance, but yeah;)

  4. Heidi, I wish we had a lot of stuff I hear the UK has health-care wise. The suckiness of the health of my nation cannot be expressed in words. It’s abysmal and shameful and other things Michael Moore probably says better than I do but having not yet seen Sicko I can’t testify to that really.

  5. I think fear is a lot of what drives first-time mamas to demand epidurals. IMO, it’s kind of like menstrual cramps — the more you dread them and think about how it’s going to hurt and suck, the more it does.

    Then there’s the cases — like with my sister — where they give you the epidural and it numbs…your thigh. That’s helpful.

    I wish that I could give home birthing a try, I really do. But honestly — and I promise I will justify this! — I don’t feel safe doing it. If I was your average healthy mama, that’d be something different. But things being what they are, I’d much rather be at a hospital and have a grand mal seizure during labor than be in my living room.

  6. Teresa, I agree… I really wish I could have had that experience too. Well… I really wanted my water birth at the birth center so someone else could clean up my mess:)

    Like you though, I don’t come equipped for a normal birth. Best I could do was to forego the epi and accept a small narcotic blessing when they tore open my cranky scarred cervix.

    It took me a while to stop feeling weird about cheerleading for natural births when I couldn’t do it but dood- I COULDN’T physically, and that is different from WOULDN’T because of misinformation of fear:)

    You rock, and when Mr. Xander needs a sibling, you do that thang in the best and safest way for you:)


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